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What is the most exciting thing about your new kitchen? Probably cooking in it. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and having it renovated is the perfect opportunity to start getting creative with your cooking. We are premium partners with the leading appliance brands, including Miele, Siemens and Neff, to offer a vast range of innovative appliances that aim to spice up your kitchen. We can provide appliances that are suitable to your culinary needs and can help with the most challenging dishes. Our ovens have a variety of cooking programmes that mean you can relax and know that whether it’s a roast dinner, a birthday cake, or a soufflé, your oven won’t let you down.  


Neff believe, like us, that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to to eat, meet and get creative with your cooking. Neff offer an extensive range of innovative appliances which are constantly working to meet the demands of every lifestyle. From their unique Slide&Hide disappearing door to their revolutions in steam cooking, Neff appliances are equipped for even the trickiest dishes. With cooking programmes to perfect a joint of meat, bake light and fluffy muffins, prove dough and reheat food without drying it out, Neff ovens are designed to inspire even the most seasoned cook.

Our favourite Neff appliances

Neff CircoTherm Ovens

Neff’s CircoTherm® function lets you bake, roast and even cook entire meals on up to three levels simultaneously without intermingling the flavours. On display at all of our showrooms.

New Neff Slide&Hide Oven

The Slide&Hide door is unique to Neff. By retracting the door, access to the oven cavity is completely uninhibited for safer, easier use. Perfect for hands-on cooks, it allows for flexible cooking, letting you baste, taste and monitor food easily during the cooking process. On display at our Redditch showroom.


Siemens appliances offer the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology. Their ethos is a world where functional doesn’t mean boring, where outstanding becomes the standard and where you are no longer pressed for time. Values which are perfect for our kitchens. Their latest ovens with varioSpeed® save time by speeding up your cooking by up to 50%. And with activeClean® you can enjoy cooking even more, as you don’t have to worry about cleaning the oven. Just press a button, and your oven cleans itself.

Our favourite Siemens appliances

Siemens Multi-function ActiveClean® Oven

Beautifully co-ordinated, exceptional design and innovative features, including the Siemens self-cleaning activeClean® system, which burns off residues from every part of the oven, leaving you to just wipe it clean – no chemicals needed. So you should never need to clean your oven again.


Miele was founded in 1899 and has always been an independent, family run company. For more than 100 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on their appliances. They are the only manufacturer in the industry to test products like washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and ovens to the equivalent of 20 years’ use. Miele believe in clean lines and timeless elegance, which is why their appliances work so well with our designs. We know it’s not often that you get to create your perfect kitchen, and we know how important it is to get the details right. With Miele you can trust that you are getting appliances of superior quality and an unrivalled customer experience.

Our favourite Miele appliances

Miele PureLine Steam Combination Oven XL

Representing the ultimate in cooking flexibility, combining all the features of a conventional oven with the speed, simplicity and health benefits of steam cooking. Cooking with steam allows you to produce beautifully cooked food in record time, whilst preserving all the colour, texture and nutrients in the food. On display in our Solihull and Worcester showrooms.

Miele Integrated Coffee Machine

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is easier than ever before. For added convenience the machine is plumbed into your mains water supply, meaning that water intake and drainage functions are automatic, and it’s tested it to produce the equivalent of seven cups of delicious coffee a day for 20 years. Pop in to our Solihull showroom and try it for yourself.

Miele PureLine Electric Oven

Perfect for those with a love of cooking, this stylish Miele oven has all the features you need to achieve professional cooking results. Its outstanding design makes it a sleek focal point and cleaning couldn’t be easier thanks to advanced Pyrolytic cleaning technology, which uses intense heat to clean the oven by itself. It’s on display at all our showrooms.