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Discover the incredible range of NEFF appliances available at Classic Interiors...

Whether you’re preparing dinner for the family, entertaining guests or baking on a Sunday afternoon, NEFF’s incredible appliances are here to help.

Truly cutting-edge and beautiful in design, NEFF’s range of kitchen appliances are completely tailored to modern day lifestyles & demands. From ovens & hobs to fridges & dishwashers, NEFF’s industry-leading appliances have got you covered, whatever you’re using your kitchen for.

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Smart Ovens For Smarter Cooking

Built-in ovens, steam ovens or ovens with microwaves – NEFF’s ovens are designed to meet every demand. State-of-the-art, they push the boundaries of technology whilst also being beautiful in design. When you’re passionate about cooking, your oven is of course an integral part of daily life. NEFF’s ovens give you the chance to become more creative in the kitchen than ever before and mean that cooking will never have been so enjoyable.

You can find out more about NEFF’s oven ranges now by clicking here.

Home Connect

Set your creativity free with NEFF Home Connect. The industry-leading technology gives you the ability to manage your oven, fridge, dishwasher and other appliances through your Wi-Fi via the NEFF app. Communicate with your oven using voice control or make multiple appliances interact – Home Connect really does bring the future to your kitchen.

Remote monitoring gives you the power to control your appliances from any location. Preheat the oven, prepare coffee for your arrival home or receive notifications once lunch is ready. Complete control from the touch of a button.

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NEFF's Revolutionary Slide&Hide®

NEFF’s Slide&Hide® door is quite simply revolutionary. The only oven door on the market which slides away beneath the main cavity of the oven, maximising the space in your kitchen. With more room to cook, tasting and checking on the food has never been easier.

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